How Can I Participate in Florida Food Waste Prevention Week?

You can get involved as an individual and engage your class. 



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K-12 Student

Art Contest

Winners announced first week of May.

Students will create a visual design showing people how to take simple steps to reduce food waste.

Entry Form

Image by Mika Baumeister

Click here for Hackathon flyer

Food Future Hack Hackathon

March 12-14, 2021

This event brings university and high-school students to  the table to develop innovative ideas, processes and initiatives to reduce food waste.


Teachers: Engage your K-12 students in Florida Food Waste Prevention Week. Use the WWF Food Waste Warrior Toolkit to help your students make the connection. Other resources are also available:  Food Matters Action Kit,   EPA Activity Book

Image by Ariel

Art Contest Prizes

  • 1st place $500

  • 2nd place $250

  • 3rd place $100


Prizes categories: 

Grade K-5, 6-8 & 9-12


Teacher / Organization
$500 ( 1st place each category)

Contest Rules

  • Contest is for Florida students in grades K-12.

  • Students may choose to work in a group. Please note if selected as a winner, prize will be divided amongst the group. 

  • The 2021 Billboard Theme is: Ways to Reduce Food Waste.

  • Student’s artwork should inspire people to make simple changes to reduce food waste.  Include the hashtag #SavetheFoodFL  and www.SavetheFoodFL

  • Important: All images and words must be CLEAR and easy to see from a distance.

  • Include a specific and short message to encourage reducing food waste. Ex. Embrace Imperfect Foods, Explain Best By Dates, Store Foods Properly, Use Food Scraps to Regrow Food, etc. 

  • Artwork must be submitted on the provided on the TEMPLATE page of the Online Entry Form and created in landscape orientation, in color, using crayons, pens, markers, paints or other art supplies, no highlighters.  No digital creation is allowed.

  • No cutouts, pasted on, or attached materials of any type may be used. 

  • Avoid using any brand names or names of stores in your artwork. Artwork including brand names will be disqualified.

  • Students are to upload their art and complete Entry Form.. Click here for ONLINE ENTRY FORM

  • Please keep original work. If artwork is selected as a winner, original will be requested.

  • By entering, participants agree that FFWPW and Sponsors may use their artwork for education and promotion.

Contest Flyer for ideas to reduce food waste at home.

Click here and here for more ideas on how to reduce food waste.

Thank you Sponsors!