Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

Top row: Elaine Fiore: Food Conservation Alliance, Melanie Mason: Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Joanna Berens: Sustainable Events Network, Florida and the Caribbean
Second row: Kim Charick: EPA Region IV, Heather Armstrong: Recycle Florida Today, Chris Snow: Recycle Florida Today,
Third row: Dan Meeroff: Florida Atlantic University, David Hill: Recycle Florida Today, Lokesh Ramamoorthi, University of Miami

From education to government agencies and non-profits, our team represents a variety of sectors who connect through our shared passion for conserving food. In February 2020,  we had the unique opportunity to engage in an interstate dialogue about the reduction of food waste with California. Tracy Delaney, Wendi Gosliner and Savannah North, who were pivotal in spearheading California’s Food Waste Prevention Week, shared their success. Inspired by their work, our Florida collaborative was charged to make Florida’s Food Waste Prevention Week a reality.   

Florida Food Waste Prevention Week was created to raise awareness and inspire action to prevent food waste, save money, reduce hunger and protect the environment.

It is our privilege to host Florida Food Waste Prevention Week. We are beyond happy you have joined us! 

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